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Cozy room in the heart of Aalborg

Hello people! I'm moving out of my 10.8 m2 room with inbuilt closets and shelves. The room is available from May 15th for unlimited stay and is located next to the city center at Borgergade 26 I'm looking for a friendly and tidy flatmate to take my place and you'll be sharing the apartment with my Czech (25M) and hungarian flatmates (30M) .?? Situated at a 5 minute comfortable walking distance away from the city center and 3 minute walk away from the large Netto at Vesterbro. - 8000 Dkk deposit 2500 dkk monthly rent+utilities every 3 months (around 300-500 dkk depending on season) - 87 dkk monthly for internet - Kitchen is fully equipped (pots pans, woks, plates, utensils, glasses, mugs etc.) and we share most things but respect it if your personal kitchen equipment is off limits ?? - washing machine in the basement - covered bike shed in the yard - small basement storage unit for unused stuff. If it caught your interest and have questions or want to check out the apartment for yourself feel free to text me!

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