Sankelmarksgade 1A, 9000 Aalborg
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Cozy shared apartment in the center of Aalborg is looking for a new housemate.

We are looking for a social and friendly housemate from the 1st of July (earlier availability is possible) for a room in a small collective. We are centrally located close to the Boulevard just by Budolfi Church, 10 meters to the bus stop where most buses run, and 100 meters to and rema1000. The main pedestrian street and train station are also approx. 5 minutes’ walk in each direction. You will be sharing the apartment with Joanna and Sus who are in their late 20s / early 30s. They are both welcoming, friendly and easy to get to know. On most evenings we watch movies or series in the living room. We have no fixed agreements with each other, but like the social gatherings that happen spontaneously. Sometimes we have dinner and / or board game evenings, lately we have had it approx. onc pr. week. We got two floors. On the lower floor is a large kitchen, a living room, an entrance hall, and a toilet. On the top floor are the three rooms, where each resident has their own. The room is approx. 10 sqm. All furniture and other items in the room must be sold or given away so a good price can be agreed on, if the new occupant is interested. The rest of the apartment is furnished and there are all the cutleries and kitchen equipment you need. Residents share a refrigerator and freezer, and each person gets their own cabinet in the kitchen. The rent is stable DKK 3,400 per month, which includes water, heating, electricity, internet, as well as free use of washing machine and dryer. Therefore, there are no sudden change in the rent.

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