Havrevangen 25, 9000 Aalborg
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3498 kr.
5000 kr. lån
Ledig pr.

Hello! Would you like to move in to our lille kollektiv? :))

Hello everyone :D I am Louise and my two room mates Bjarke and Jose, are looking for a new roomie, because our previous roomie is moving out. We are looking for someone who could ideally move in already from the 1st og november! The room is 19 m2 and costs 3.498 kr. pr. month plus electricity. We are all students at AAU, studying respectively mechanical engineering, software engineering and psychology. We are looking for a person who will be happy hanging out with us, and share the communal life from time to time! Like having dinner every now and then, playing music if you are into that ! Every now and then we go climbing and of corse we will also be happy to accompany you to gaden ;). Apart from the hygging around together, we will also appreciate a room mate, who studies, and who also appreciates a clean and relaxed environment, so there is space for everybody's studying. The flat is 124 m2 and furnished, apart from your room, but naturally, if you have things to bring we will make room for it <3.

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