Gudrunsvej, Brabrand
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4000 kr.
10000 kr. lån
Ledig pr.

Vacant room in large spacious apartment (148 m2), two other roommates

Hello future roommate We are offering a room in our spacious newly renovated apartment (148m2). Two large living rooms, dishwasher, washing machine, plenty of storage space, close to shopping, easy bus access, parking and well behaved roommates. The room we offer is 11m2, has a large window, a balcony and good ventilation. We are, Andreas (25, PhD student) and Victor (26, Architectural technologist). We are generally nice people, sometimes we do things together, sometimes not, we respect each others personal needs and freedoms. We don't expect much, only that you pay rent on time and partake in normal cleaning of the apartment. If you are an exchange student or missing furniture, we can furnish the room with a bed etc. The apartment has another smaller room that might get rented out as well, which of course will lower the rent. we are looking forward to meeting you, Message us at

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