Anna Anchers Gade, Brabrand
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3450 kr.
10350 kr. lån
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Room sublet in large 105m2 apartment in Århus

We are a couple subletting a spare-room of 9.6 m2 in a period of 12 months. The apartment itself is 105 m2 (common area 72.6 m2) including a terrace and the apartment comes with everything in appliances. The apartment was built in 2019 and is located at the outskirts of Åbyhøj ca. 5 km from Aarhus C. There are good bus connections available, and otherwise we recommend you to get a bike, since Aarhus is a bicycle-city. Grocery shopping is only few minutes in walking distance. We are looking for tenant, gender subordinate, preferably 22 years or older, none-smoker, good with a vacuum cleaner, respects a closed door, and who likes to chat now and then. :) We are Klaus (28 years old) and Rikke (27 years old). Klaus loves to cook and thus is the chef of the kitchen between the two of us. Particularly Chinese is his favorite to cook, since he lived in Beijing for two years during his MSc studies in neuroscience and neuroimaging. He likes to go spearfishing, climbing and to play boardgames. Rikke also shares an interest in climbing and boardgames. She also knows a thing or two about rocks, since she is a geologist. She is currently working on her PhD project, where she studies, in short, very old rocks from South Greenland. Room 1 (9.6 m2) Rent pr. Month: 3450 kr. Renting period: 12 months Deposit: 3 months’ rent

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4025 kr./månedHougårdsvej, Brabrand

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