Gillesager 272, 2605 Brøndby
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3500 kr.
3500 kr. lån
Ledig pr.

Room for rent, in Brøndby. ca 10 m2, 5 mins to S-station and shops

A room of ca 10 m2, minus some inbuild closets along an end wall. Access to kitchen, toilet and shower. Access to free communal laundry. Wifi available and included in price. Same goes for electricity, heating and water. There are ca NO ROOM in freezer and fridge ! LOL ;-) Used kitchen ware must be cleaned ca immidiatly. Company allowed, as long as not too loud or otherwise disturbing. Music allowed, but not loud or disturbing. Not required, but females will probably be preferred, due to general behavior, cleanliness etc.

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5500 kr./måned Brøndby

Manager full-time x 2

4400 kr./månedBrøndbyøstervej, Brøndby

indrettet værelse i stor villa med have