Martinsvej, Frederiksberg
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7100 kr.
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16 m2 room with private balcony

We are two 25-year olds looking for a third roommate for a newly renovated 111 m2 apartment on inner Frederiksberg by the lakes and close to Forum metro station. The apartment includes two balconies (where one would be private to you), new kitchen and bath (including washer/dryer and dishwasher), and a large common area. Louise and I are both in our final year of our master's studies (engineering and finance, respectively) and start our full-time positions this summer. We are looking for a third roommate (male/female is not important) who would like to share a home, where we can sit down together for dinner or a movie, but also have flexibility to work or relax in private. We hope to hear from you!

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