Hauchsvej, Frederiksberg
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3-12 måneder

three ladies looking for a fourth fabulous roommate<3

Hello! We are three ladies looking for a fourth roommate to stay with us from April 1st to October 1st 2019 <3 The apartment itself is approx. 120 sq. m. There is a large, bright living room, kitchen, bathtub (!) And roof terrace (!!). The apartment is on the 5th floor with view over Copenhagen (and tivoli!). We want to create a space where the four of us can hang out together <3 We are thinking movie nights with popcorn and red wine, barbecue on the terrace, spa days ??? - and of course also respect for a closed door so you can cry in peace at night. About us: We are all in our mid-twenties, either students or just finished with our degrees. All of us love reading, the occasional sun salutation and smashing gin and tonic with cucumber. Other interests include fluffy chocolate cake, flødeboller and long walks to the fridge. A little about you: you are enough in your twenties. Maybe you are a student, or maybe you're doing your dream job. Or maybe you make critical art! Or maybe you're in the process of smashing the patriarchy ;) The rent is 4,725 dkk, including internet, heat, water etc. The room has a bed and direct access to the terrace, but is otherwise unfurnished. It is approximately 7 sqm ((the living room is 25 sqm and the kitchen 15 sqm - so much room for time spent together <3)))). The pictures here are from the former owner, so the furniture unfortunately won't be there. On the bright side, the kitchen is about to be renovated, so that'll be brilliant. Write and email to us at if you want to hear more. Write a little about yourself! What is your favorite candy!

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