Finsensvej 45A, 2000 Frederiksberg
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5500 kr.
0 kr. lån
Ledig pr.
0-3 måneder

Room for rent at Frederiksberg - Lindevang.

Hello everyone. I have a 18 square metres room for rent. The room is a part of a 4 room, 110 square meter apartment which consists of 2 bedrooms, my office, and a living room which we share. The room come fully furnished with with workspace, double bed, storage for clothes, lamps, etc. Im looking for a person who would like it clean, takes part in the different tasks, likes to cook together sometimes etc. The room is available from the of July.

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Frederiksberg, near Central Copenhagen - Fully furnished bedroom for roomie, woman around 40+ :D

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Room in big flat with central and charming location

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Apartment close to the center of Copenhagen

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