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Shortterm rental of room to student

I am going for fieldwork for 2,5 months and I'm looking for a responsible person (student) to look after my room and hang out with my lovely roommates meanwhile. It's rented furnished between November 15h and February 1st (possible to extend by two weeks). Its a big and fresh room (20kvm) in a spacious appartment around 5 minutes away from CBS and Frederiksberg C by bike. Living in the apartment with me is two danes and an american, all super friendly and easygoing. We have two bathrooms, a TV, lots of different coffee machines and a fully equipped kitchen. Use of a bike and storage space is included in the rent. About you: * Owners of the buildning is a private kollegium, hence why really the only requirement is that you need to be a student at a danish educational institute. * You are fairly easygoing and have experienced living with other people before, respecting a clean common space etc. * You need to be between 18-27 years old. Pls don't hesitate to write me with any questions if you're interested! Clara

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