Nyelandsvej, Frederiksberg
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4200 kr.
4200 kr. lån
Ledig pr.
0-3 måneder

Room for rent in a 3 room apartment in Frederiksberg, close to CBS and Frb Centeret

The term of the rent is not settled yet, but for now it is from mid may to end august. A living room is in-between the two bedrooms, insuring some privacy and we'll be less affected by each others noice, music and what not. I just moved in, and so i don't have to much furniture. In the room you find a bed and a small desk. Feel free to come with your own furniture! I'm a social and an extrovert and always open-minded and love to meet new people! It's not a criteria that you want to make food with me or other activities, but i'm open for it.

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