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Room in 155m2 Shared house with garden (and dog) - nice green area, easy commuting

Lille note: Vi taler begge dansk. / I and my roommate Lars are both Danes, speak English well and we keep this adv in English to be open for internationals. 30 Oct update *** We were let down by another room-interested candidate, so now we stand like this: Still open for you guys/girls that still need a rental deal starting in November, as soon possible, but preferentially with an actually visit in our home :) If you fit into our picture of a roommate, we will send you a mail-address within <1 day Read about this home under the horisontal line. Questions to break the ice with (but feel welcome to start out your message in your personal style of preference) . o 1. Can you attend a short house visit before moving in? Not obligatory, but convenient. o 2. How do you like to live with others, in terms of formalities, private space, househould, cleaning? In other words, what is your optimum living environment? o 3. For the usage of common areas , kitchen and bathrooms. What is your "Do's" and "no-go's" ? o 4. What do you think about dogs? Been close to dogs before? Any thoughts or particular questions concerning the dog in the house? ____________________________________________________ Move in Nov 1, 2018, latest. Can be taken now, I suggest from Wed Oct 31th 2018, evening. CPR yes. Contract. Free parking (dont forget we prefer getting your visit first if we should go for long term) Mørkhøjvej 237, Herlev (using google maps). Bus stops right outside the house area's sound walls - not bothered by road noise. go easily everywhere day around. S-train stations 7-10 min biking/bus away. – NICE and modern, living-together house, with garden and most desired appliances and amenities (list can be sent). shared with Marie and Lars. And Thalia. Good wifi. Furnished room if needed. All rooms ventilated and floor heated. Inbuilt wardrobe in room. Darkening curtains. No street noise. You. #one person only. Dog-accepting, too. Normal-relaxed in cleaning. You relax in who you are and you relax with others in a shared home. Duration. #Short term 1-4 months # OR :) long term if you like dogs indeed, if you really like the place and we feel there is good chemistry early on.. – Total house Rent is 15722 kr per month, your part is 5286 kr. (rent only) - but rent subject to reduction upon our go-together application for communal ‘boligstøtte’. Marie: 30 yro Dane from Jutand 7Jylland, non-smoker, relaxed, social and large-minded, at time wandering in own thoughts but always good meaning. Lars: 27 Dane, from Cph area, non-smoker, relaxed, easygoing and large-minded too. Thalia: 3½ yro welsh springer spaniel lady. Full of love, spirit, tail wagging. She never barks and is absolutely no harm to anybody. She is clean and we vacuum the couch and sweep the floors 3-4 times per week for shed hairs. Marie#CurrentlyJobsearching.Biologist.FutureEngineer.NatureWalker.Calm.Cozychitchat.Diver.Doglover.HeadMassage.Musicenjoyer.Gardening.Woodscraft.Audiobooks.Coffee.Cocoa.Mojito. Lars#CurrentlyWorkingSalesAssistantMeny. FormerMilitaryServiceSoldier.Doglover.Movies&PSgames(inhisroom).SimpleLifeEasyLiving.Gadgets.Easytotalkwith. Our values. are to be happy and keep house-stress on low level and keep energy good. To be allowed express your needs and thoughts for intentions of happy "roommateship" - don't let it float in the social sphere, unsaid. Maybe make compromises for each and all our needs. We value to be ourselves together and live together with shared cleaning and few other household practices. We respect each others needs of privacy, play fx music when everybody at home are happy with it and same goes for eventually spatial usage habits in common areas. We should all feel we can be in the common areas. All normal agenda for a share-home. In either case, it is easy living with us, as we are easy-minded. Socially. We are both bit introverts, but kind social talkers and happy for little "hygge" - socialising mainly when we feel for it, which is not the main agenda.. But after all wishes. We look forward to meet our new roommate.

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