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Giving out a Room

I am giving out a 14 m2 room in a 81 m2 recently and completely renovated flat (renovation 2017) located 5 min on feet from Friheden St ( 8 mins by train far from Fisketorvet. and 10 minutes from Købenvahn Main Station) and 3 minutes far from Netto and Frihedens Butikcenter, where you can find Føtex, Lidl, Fitness World, Apoteket, Synoptik, and other small stores and services. The flat is 2 km far from the beach, and it is surrounded by nature and forest and outdoor -indoor sport-facilities such as training center, swimming pool and the Ice Hockey Club. Comparing my life here the last 3.5 years with the other places I lived before in Copenhagen or in Sjælland, I think this area has the right balance between a city life with the benefits of the countryside, and I do believe it is quite appealing for such looking for a green and healthy space beyond the daily noisy and street-like environment one can find in Copenhagen Center. In general terms the neighbourhood is calm and quite, I have never experiences noises or bothering of such and particularly speaking my direct neighbours are nice and friendly people, all of them with families. The flat has an ample balcony (210 cm X 370 cm ) with a view towards a big green area, in which one can organise a grill. As mentioned above the flat and the whole building is new renovated: the walls, isolation system, windows, kitchen, WC, canalization system, heating system, automatic ventilation system are quite new, and the room has an integrated closet 200 cm X 93 cm with full storage capacity. I provide all services in the price 4.800 dkk, i.e. Internet. washing machine, heating and electricity. I ask for one month of deposit -4.800 dkk - CPR registration included. Of course, if you start living during the coming days of January, I will only ask for the proportional price and the month of deposit. If you are interested and you are an organised and responsible person, please send me a message writing about yourself, and I can provide more details about the room. I am looking forward to hearing

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