Viborggade 38, 2100 København
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6000 kr.
6000 kr. lån
Ledig pr.

Bright room in spacious apartment

Room available from October 1st or September 30th Length of stay is indefinite so it is open for different dates/duration. I am looking for tenant to rent the open room, room was made available because the student that rented cancelled for health reasons and needed to head back to her country. It’s a 80sqm apartment, with a spacious living/dining room, balcony and kitchen. There is a private bathroom for the private room being rented.. The room is 12 sqm2 and furnished too, you might only come with your beddings and curtains if you want. About me: My name is Veronika, German and Danish and very mixed culturally, lived in Frankfurt for most of my life and now back in Copenhagen working for my startup and also managing the rentals for my mom, working full time in a start-up and studying part time.

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12000 kr./måned København

house to let

4500 kr./månedJyllingevej 62, 2720 København

Stort lyst værelse udlejes 1 måned

9500 kr./månedBlegdamsvej 126B, 2100 København

Til leje, hel/delvist møbleret (se billeder)

6000 kr./månedKurlandsgade 21, 2300 København

Kurlandsgade 21, 2Th. Roomie søges :)

5100 kr./månedØsterbrogade, 2100 København

Four bedroom shared flat looking for new roommate