Teglholmens Østkaj, København
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5200 kr.
15000 kr. lån
Ledig pr.
3-12 måneder

Furnished room available for short term stays

Looking for students or people on temporary employment in the Copenhagen area, to rent a 10 square meter room in our three-room apartment. The room is available for 3 to 9 months at a time, and comes with a closet, bed, desk and cupboard. You will have access to living room, kitchen, balcony and washroom. We also have a washer/dryer and broadband internet in the apartment. You will be living with a brother and sister: Rasmus, a 30-year old man currently employed at the University of Copenhagen. Non-smoking guy, who likes to exercise and a member of the national guard. At home, he likes to read and watch videos about his interests. Gravely concerned about privacy issues on the internet, he is a technophobe in some respects. A minimalist cook, do not expect a 4-course meal. Christina, a 25-year old woman currently employed as school secretary in Frederiksberg. She likes things to be neat and in order, but can also lay back and let things pass her by. She enjoys sitcoms and is deadly afraid of horror movies. Has an active social life and still hits the town with the girls from time to time. What about you? We do not expect that you are perfect, as no one is, but we have some expectations: - We both work in the weekdays, so we would like it to be quiet after 10 pm - You are able to speak English and/or Danish - Unexpected guests is a big no-no. Give an advance warning - A clean house is a nice house. Do not leave your trash out - Flaunt your cooking skills. Cook us something nice sometimes, we’ll do the same for you The details The room is available from the start of January. Rent is DKK 5,200 a month with a deposit of DKK 15,000. 2% of the deposit (DKK 300) will be deducted each month for upkeep/repairs/furniture. Situated in the very modern and attractive area of Teglholmen, close to the canal and the city. Almost everything is in biking distance. If you own a car, parking is available at DKK 750 a month. There are house rules for the apartment complex that we must respect, as it may terminate our lease if we break them. You will receive a copy together with your leasing contract.

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