Mozartsvej 26, 2450 København
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3500 kr.
7000 kr. lån
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1-2 år

Looking for a social roommate

Hi I'm a 32 year old teacher looking for a new roommate. The room is rather small with a bed (if needed) and a big closet. The livingroom (where I sleep) is nice and spacious and will be our common area as well as bathroom and kitchen. So it's important, that you are social and would like to cook together, watch tv or talk about our day over a cup of coffee/wine. I'm very social myself and like to have guest for dinner/social drinking. But it's of course important, that we respect each others privacy and needs for rest and 'alone time'. The rent is including everything. And I have acces to Spotify, Netflix, HBO and Viaplay :) A clean apartment is of course nice, but I tend to be a bit messy and I don't mind if the dishes are left for the next day - or two ;) I like to go out (or stay at home) and have a cosy evening with friends - often with a nice red wine or tasting a new IPA ;) I enjoy going to concerts and in the teatre. I'm a member of Copenhagen Boulders and love hiking trips! I'm a smoker, but I only smoke outside.

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