Emdrupvej 24, 2100 København
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Five young guys and girls search a new friend ;)

Hi everybody, since Csaba our Hungarian friend has finished his studies and appreciates langos more than rugbrød we now have to say “good bye” to him at the end of this month and “happy f*cking welcome” to you! We are a Spanish girl that does her PhD in quantum physics and likes to swim, a Portuguese girl doing her master’s in urban design at RUC and loooves playing Settlers of Catan, a guy from the US who’s main job it is to keep our wind turbines rolling and who likes to climb (not job related;) ), a Danish guy who knows how to balance 8 plates at once as a waiter and a German guy who does his masters in International Marketing and Management at CBS , likes to play boardgames and loves to play chess. We are bunch of social people who still let everyone have their own time. Sometimes we play boardgames together, we have a great projector that allowed us to watch and rant about Game of thrones together, on the kitchen table we sometimes meet to enjoy a meal someone prepared for everyone, on the sofa you can chill, joke or philosophize on the meaning of life together. The apartment is in Emdrupvej 24 in a newly build (mostly student) village on top of a big Lidl store. Let us tell you, it is very convenient to life just seconds away from your source of breakfast, dinner and cooking ingredients ??. We have a bus stop right next door that brings you to DTU in 15 to 20 minutes, a train station just around the corner and by bike you’re in the city center in about 20 minutes. The apartment has two bathrooms, a washing machine, a dryer, a fully equipped kitchen / living room with awesome sofa and six rooms. Your room is on the top with a great window to the south. The room has about 8.5 square meters and Csaba would be very happy if you would take over his ikea furniture for half the price. The monthly rent (including water and heating) is 4600dkk + about 100dkk energy bill + 250dkk deposit depreciation. The last position might need some explanation: We know that housing companies here charge a lot for redoing the floor, repainting the walls and doing what not after the renting contract ends. We have an open-ended contract but at some point some people will be the last tenants and we think it would be unfair to those to pay the bill for everybody before. That is why for 1,5 years already everybody pays his share into a deposit fund. Please contact us if you’re interested. And just write two, three lines about you. We’re happy to get to know you! See you!

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