Skydebanegade, København
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4800 kr.
9000 kr. lån
Ledig pr.

I have a small apartment in Central Copenhagen.

Working with construction – why I’m often away 3-4 days a week. So if you need a room for just a few days in the week (commutes) or can accept sharing kitchen and the bath a few times that’s possible too... The apartment is furnished with dining room/study and a living room/bedroom. You are welcome to bring your own things but the spaces are small as typical for the central city. I'm open minded as a person – but it would be great to have a few overlaps in interest.

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Roomie wanted for a shared flat in Nordvest from 1/7 - 31/12 - 6 months total.

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Renting out 2 rooms in Copenhagen (Teglholmen) for 1 month

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9 kvm værelse til Leje i Brønshøj - Husum, København NV.

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Seeking long term roomie for 3bd aprt. in Copenhagen

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Looking for a flatmate for my friend.