Østrigsgade, København
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3400 kr.
1500 kr. lån
Ledig pr.
0-3 måneder

Sublet room on Amager in March

I am subletting my room for the month of March I am in the process if moving in woh my boyfriend, and have terminated my lease from April 1st. I am looking for someone who wants to live in my room for the month of March. You will be living in the apartment with 2 guys in their 20ies. The room is furnished with a bed and a wardrobe. When moving in you need to be okay with that I will move out my stuff on March 31st in the day hours. I can find a replacement mattress for you on that day. The room is clean, but the rest of the apartment is old. You are a non-smoker, and respectful of my furniture, the apartment and the other people living there.

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4500 kr./månedKurlandsgade 1, 2300 København

Cozy room in the heart of Amager, CPH. Rent period of 3 months

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Værelse lejes ud henover sommeren

5000 kr./månedGammel Kalkbrænderi Vej, København

Stor delelejlighed i hjertet af Østerbro

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Cozy Room at Nørrebro (Short term)