Elmegade, København
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Experience the vibrancy of the coveted Elmegade district from our well-lit, quiet and top-floor rooms nestled amidst bustling boutiques, delightful cafes, and various takeaway spots. Enjoy a central location that places you a stone's throw away from universities, transport hubs like Nørreport and Nørrebro metros, buses, and Nørreport station. City center, restaurants, shops, and more are all within easy reach. The backyard serves as a convenient spot for bike parking, and the adjoining outdoor areas, adorned with verdant spaces, provide an idyllic setting for al fresco dining or simply unwinding in tranquility. Rent encompasses heat, electricity, water, internet, and access to communal kitchen, bathroom, and toilet facilities. Our sizable apartment, spanning roughly 200m², offers a tranquil retreat for relaxation and study, with the expectation of mutual respect and noise limitation to ensure everyone's comfort. We are a family residing in the other rooms, with our 19 and 11-year-old children joining us every alternate week. Some weeks, we'll retreat to our summerhouse, offering even more peace and tranquility to our tenants. We're currently renting out three different rooms, each with its own unique size and corresponding monthly rent: - Room 1 (approximately 8m²): DKK 5,500 (available) - Room 2 (approximately 14,5m²): DKK 7,500 (available) - Room 3 (approximately 16m²): DKK 8,500 (available) Please note that ongoing renovation work may cause occasional noise, with timing to be mutually agreed upon. This factor contributes to the fluctuating availability of our rooms, but rest assured, we're flexible and ready to work out any concerns. As a multicultural family, with the female part hailing from Asia, we warmly welcome international students, particularly from Asian countries, to be part of our diverse household. For further queries, please don't hesitate to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.

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