Sønder Boulevard, København
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5900 kr.
11800 kr. lån
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Room in light and quiet place

Hi, we are renting out a room in our 2 floor / New Yorker apartment. We live on the upper floor as a family with our sons (19, and 16 years old) and we have another tenant who will live next to you on the floor below us. There are two bathrooms, one on each floor and there is free access to the washing machine. Also, we have a light and warm terrasse where you can enjoy your morning coffee or make a barbecue in the evening. We enjoy having people around and we are used to that, and most important for us is that you will feel this is your home. We speak, English, German, Danish and Persian and we had people from all over the world living with us mostly long term. You can choose to be social with us and become "a part of our family", or you can have your own life, or something in between:). We make a contract and a schedule for cleaning and how we share the cost of sharing things. Feel free to ask any questions.

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