Sundby Parkvej 6, 2300 København
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6675 kr.
17000 kr.
Ledig pr.
3-12 måneder

Big room in AmagerStrand close to Metro

Hi! I am looking for a new roommate to share my flat in AmagerStrand. It is a really nice apartment that I call home, a place to relax and enjoy the calm. I have a total of three bedrooms, so you will be sharing the apartment with a Croatian girl too. We both work and have pretty intense day routine, so we are looking for somebody that can embrace our peaceful home atmosphere. CPR registration is possible. The apartment is right in front of Amager Strand with views to the sea & Malmo. We have tons of light in the living room whenever the sun shines, and Supermarkets and Metro Station are right in front of the building. You will have access to the common kitchen, living room, and bathroom with both washer & drying machine. Water and heating are included in the price. Electricity and internet are not. Your room will have your own balcony! Please note it is an unfurnished room with only a built-in closet, and you will have to bring your own. If you are interested, drop some lines and let us know a little bit more about you. I will start reading messages in a couple of weeks from now, after autum's holidays.

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