Clara Pontoppidans Vej 22, 2500 København
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Searching for Danish or international roommate for half a year

We are three guys, 23 and 26 years old who are searching for a room-mate for roughly half a year because our fourth friend is doing an internship. All of us are students: Hinnerk is studying Political Sciences at Copenhagen University and is working in a software company in Roskilde. Mikkel is going to study Global Politics at Malmö University, and Martin is studying Public Administration & Politics at Roskilde University. We have all done our bachelors together and have known each other for a while. Mikkel and Martin like to play the guitar (Hinnerk has not complained about noise so far), and Hinnerk likes to kayak near Copenhagen. Generally, we like to socialise in our big common room (see pictures), but we also respect a closed door. The flat also comes with a nice balcony where you can enjoy the sun almost all day. We sometimes like to play boardgames, but always end up playing Ticket to Ride or Backgammon, so maybe it is time for some new boardgames when you are moving in :) If you become our new room-mate, you might be able to occasionally enjoy Martin's home made Kimchi or Hinnerk's croissants. We will miss our old roommates applepie, so we hope that you have a dish to share with us as well :) Two of us are Danes, and one is German but we speak Danish in the flat. So if you are an international student that wants to learn Danish, you are at the right address. If you don't want to spend time learning weird Nordic gibberish, that is also okay, we do speak English as well. It is important for us that you are clean, social and respectful. Your room will be furnished. If we sound like people that you would like to live with for half a year, please write us a little bit about yourself, and then we can take it from there. We will try to get back to you within a week. We are looking forward to reading about you!

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