Østerbrogade 112, 2100 København
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4800 kr.
14800 kr. lån
Ledig pr.

Smokers apartment and small cph bathroom

This is just a preliminary description, just to get started. i will update with more info in the next couple of days. Hey, wanna share a home together? The apartment: - A small CPH bathroom/toilet, less than 1 m2 - Small kitchen, generally small apartment - Your room 12 m2, facing backyard - Washing machine and 100 mbit internet. - Nice neighboorhood in Østerbro, close to metro and shopping, beach or harbour - We have a loftroom with space for ur stuff as well. - Rent includes everything (water, gas, electricity and internet) - CPR possible Dream scenario is to find a roommate, who wants to live together and be a team. Preferably someone who can move in by 1/10. If u have questions, let me know or anything important that i missed out. Lots of good luck to you on the roomhunt. Bella

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