Anker Heegaards Gade, København
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8000 kr.
16000 kr. lån
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Adult co-living space in luxurious flat

Hey you! We are a co-living space in the heart of Copenhagen. The atmosphere is spacious, vibrant and peaceful. If you are looking for the right mix between connection and privacy, that’s us. An adult shared apartment at it’s finest. We are an art director, a product designer, a coach/consultant and a soon-to-be-diplomat between 30 and 40. We have interesting and busy lives, like sharing and need plenty of time and space to ourselves. You fit well if you are interested, independent, positive and tidy. Call 270m^2 your home with amazing amenities: - Hollywood bathroom with toilet, double-shower and bathtub - “Small” bathroom with toilet and shower - 4 bedrooms, none is door-to-door (note: the adult part) - Spacious open kitchen and huge living room - Practice room at your disposal for reading, workout, meditation and other projects - Storage space in the basement Your room: - 20m^2 for 8.000 utilities incl., partially furnished - Unlimited contract, considering limited - 2 months deposit, 1 month pre-paid rent Interested? Meet us!

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