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5500 kr.
5000 kr. lån
Ledig pr.
3-12 måneder

Room with view of the lakes of Cph is to be rented out pr 1 February

We're a married couple (Hannah, Danish and Michael, Namibian) who are looking for a new renter as our sweet roomie has bought a new flat:) We are looking for someone quiet and easygoing. Someone who doesnt expect too many visits, but uses the apartment as a homebase. Above 25 years of age who knows how to clean and live alongside other people ;-) Preferably someone who works/travels a lot and uses the home to deconnect. About us; Hannah is 29 years old, a nurse and has a Master in Global Health. Michael is 34 years old, an ERP manager but now a student at KEA in Nørrebro. We are easy going and chilled. We have recently moved into our flat and absolutely love this little (80 m2) pearl in Central Cph! We are about to become parents, so only contact us if living with a baby is not a problem. Obviously we don't know how our baby is gonna be, but we are gonna take every measurement to make sure its not bothering you! Other than that, we take it along the way, make contact and we can chat more and show you the room. Most important for us is to find a renter where there is a balance of us being able to be a family and a renter feeling welcome and at home, maybe with shared dinners/glasses of wine once in a while :-) Information; 15 m2 room with lights, a bookstall and a small dresser, other than that unfurnished, with the opp. to install kabel tv if you bring one. Big window with direct view of the lakes and the main hospital of CPH. Public transport just outside the door(Metro, bus, Østerport st.) There is a wash basement for clothes and a dishwasher in the kitchen. Rent includes everything (el, wifi, heat, water, householdsupplies) Deposit is 5000 kr.

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