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6000 kr.
24000 kr. lån
Ledig pr.

Cosy room in ctr apartment

Hey, Room for rent in my two floors 115 m2 apartment at central Vesterbro. The room is furnished. You have access to bathroom and american kitchen, including all eqipment, own storage space etc. Included in the rent dkk 6000/month are fast internet, laundry, electricity, heat, and all other expenses. (cable tv is not avail, but streaming is, I can offer a tv screen incl. streaming). Deposit is equivalent to 2 months rent + 2 months prepaid rent. There is a lovely green garden to the building and the room is towards the garden. The neighborhood is very lively and everything is nearby (central station 5 min. walk). The room is avail from Jan. 15. Best regards, Bette PS I am Danish, but since a lot of people looking for rooms are english-speaking - I write in english.

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