Bryggervangen, København
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4800 kr.
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Lovely and bright room at Østerbro

My name is Grazynia and I’m a 55 year old female. I’m school teacher, so I have a natural interested in children, learning and education. Furthermore I have a big interest in different cultures and languages, and I’m therefore looking for a English speaking roommate. I live with my husband and we have a vacant room, which we want to rent. We have had roomies before and we also have children, so we are used to living with others. The apartment is 85m2 and is divided into 3 rooms. The room that is for rent is 14m2 and is fully furnished. Furthermore you will have access to the bathroom and kitchen. The location is close to the center of Copenhagen and is near Svanemøllen train station and the bus station 4A. We are tolerant people, but we still believe in mutual respect, including following established rule, is a key to a successful co-renting. If you have any question please do not hesitate but send me a pm. I look forward to hearing from you :)

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