Dea Trier Mørchs Vej, København
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5300 kr.
5300 kr. lån
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Hello everyone we had a roommate who moved out so that means that you guys are in a very lucky situation meaning that there’s an extra room in our flat . We two boys who already live there one radiologists who works in bispebjerg hospital and the other(me??)is a radio host who works at radio24syv. Besides our work we are very glad for sports especially football basket combat sports and the olympics . we do a lot of activities aswell we love to play football and basket but we also like too play board games cards watch a movie cook together but we also appreciate alone time and privacy so the best match would be a person that has some interest not necessarily the same hobbies but someone who’s a nice social outgoing person. The flat is 141 kvm and has all the modern machinery from dishwasher too drier all the necessities u need and the transportation opportunities is wonderful You have the metro and 4a that never stops its near Bella center and Bella st You will have 11 kvm for yourself for 5200kr (also cpr) and of course the whole flat besides the other rooms You can come and check it and a chat with us

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