Nørrebrogade, København
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8000 kr.
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Room for a couple // Nørrebro // Long-term // April and on

Hi home-seekers! I have a room in my flat located right on Nørrebrogade, which will be available from April 1st. The room could be either for a couple or for a single person (listed price is for a couple). ·Rent: 8000kr for a couple, 6600 kr for a single person, incl. everything ·Deposit: Two-month rents ·Room size: 15m² The flat is approx. 120 m² with a spacious living room - meaning I’d love to have someone who is comfortable sharing the common space, is willing to contribute to making the flat homely for everyone, and enjoys spontaneous dinner party or film night. I haven’t figured out how furnished the rooms will be yet, but it’ll probably be only partially so. CPR registration is possible, pets (sadly) are not allowed. About me: I am Megumi, 25, from Japan. I am a full-time intern at a film production company and a part-time waiter at a restaurant. I enjoy: random dinner parties, archery, hiking, browsing memes and handcrafting, among many other things! Write me a PM if it sounds like a good match to you ?

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