Folehaven, København
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4000 kr.
8000 kr. lån
Ledig pr.

Furnished Rooms in Valby-CPH

Hello I am renting out a furnished room specifically to a FEMALE from 1. April 2019. I have a cat so it is very important you love cats or you are willing to be open and sweet to my male cat named Ginger. He is loving, kind and curious by nature. He loves cuddles, playing and relaxing. The rent is unlimited however I only allow contract renewal every 6 months as open communication, being social and respecting each other is very important. If we get along great and we have a natural atmosphere around each other, you can stay as long as needed. It is our home, a place for relaxing, unwinding and having private time. A balance is the best. Whether we become friends or just roommates is It is important you are actively studying/working as I am home a lot due to having started my own company. Space is important so I am looking for an active female who won't sit home all day. The room is 12 m2, 4.000 kr. pr. month. Located in Valby, 5min walk to Nye Ellebjerg Station where you can take line A, B, F or Intercity train (1 stop to Central Station). Busses are available just in front of the apartment and Valby st. is 5min away with bus or bike. Internet, electricity, gas, wash, the kitchen and the bathroom are shared with me. Please contact me ASAP if you are interested in seeing the apartment. P.S er du dansk, så skriv gerne til mig på dansk ;)

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