Gertrude Steins Vej, København
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Rent available next to Bella Center

Heyo, I live alone in a 3 room apartment (1 living room, 2 bedrooms) and one of the bedroom will become available for rental. (I only sleep there so not much point in not renting it out) Bit about the location/apartment: - Close to Fields, Lidl, Netto - Right next to the metro station, easy to get into the city center - Right next to a huge park in case you like going for a run or a walk - 1 Gigabit internet so that shouldn't be an issue - Apartment has living room and balcony as well, feel free to use them :D Bit about me: - Working full time in esport and sometimes I work at odd hours from home - Outside of work, I spend most of my time gaming or exercising Ideal roommate: - A fellow epic gamer - Non-smoking, however if you are smoking, you can use the balcony so no biggie - Someone who has no trouble sleeping ideally(two bedrooms are separated from each other by an extra room in the apartment but if I'm working late night (3AM), gaming late night or go out for a run etc. ideally it wouldn't disturb you :D

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6800 kr./månedBisiddervej 31, 2400 København


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Room for rent Nørrebro

9000 kr./månedÆgirsgade, København

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5500 kr./månedLærkevej 1, 2400 København

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3500 kr./månedCharlotte Muncks Vej, København

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