Ålekistevej, København
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3000 kr.
9000 kr. lån
Ledig pr.
3-12 måneder

Nice room in Vanløse

The room is 13m2 furnished with bed, table, closets and comfy chair and in a small flat. The appartment is in a quiet area close to Damhus lake, where it's nice to go for a walk or run. I'm looking for someone mature, over 26years old as I'm already 38years (wow, how did that happen?) We share kitchen&bathroom and I hate cleaning up after other people :P The neighbors are elderly, but quite nice, so expect to do your partying in town. You can be from whereever, but if you happen to be Spanish, Polish, German or Japaneese and willing to teach me your language, it's a plus ;) You can get a CPR registration.

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