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5000 kr.
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1 room in 3 bedroom apartment

2 Graduates searching for long term roomie. We are looking for a 3 bedroom apartment and we are looking for 3rd person to join us. We found that most 2 bedroom apartments are adjusted for couples and there is little privacy in them and therefore 3 bedroom flats are much better for us. It would also be fun sharing the place with someone new. We offer good music, nice vibes, clean kitchen and bathroom. We would like to live in the city, although we also look for places near Valby and around the main city up to 15000 / month, incl. utilities. We already found some interesting offers and we are waiting for YOU to sign up with us :D If you are seriously interested in joining us, please contact us here or at Miko & Zoli

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5000 kr./måned København

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5000 kr./månedGrønttorvet, København

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5500 kr./månedRobert Jacobsens Vej 27, 2300 København

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4700 kr./månedMargretheholmsvej 54, 1432 København

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5700 kr./månedEjler Billes Allé, København

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