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Mechanical Engineer

We are looking for our new flatmate to share with us a beautiful brand new apartment in the new lovely neighborhood right behind Fisketorvet. The apartment is 126 sqm so there´s plenty of space to make yourself home and create together a nice atmosphere to share ?? - Fourth floor with elevator, two balconies incredible views from the Copenhagen canals and the sunset in summer. - It´s really lovely! The neighborhood is super quiet and so nice to walk around the canals and its lovely bridges. We have Fisketorvet (SATS, Lidl, Føtex) 4 lovely minutes walk next to the canal. Netto 6 min. Dybbølsbro St. 8 min walk. Bus 7A - 2 min walk. Meat-packing district 12 min walk - right crossing the bridge. City center 10 min bike You will share the flat with Romain and me - I´m an Argentinian mechanical engineer working full-time in Copenhagen. I play guitar (less than what I would really like ??), I enjoy cooking and having friends over every now and then. I´m social but also enjoy my personal time. And that also means, I enjoy doing my things on my computer (or whatever) meanwhile we share the space in our chilling company ?? I go to bed around 11 and I really care about having a nice place to live. So, I´m always bringing new stuff to decorate, furnish, etc. And I love plants ?????????????? Romain is a French chemist working on crazy lab things at KU. He says he is not a good cook but that´s not true ?? He is very sociable, easy-going, and full of energy. He loves painting and reading. Ideally, you are between 26-35 years old, working full time, and with a big sense of community and home. You care about the people you live with and you care about the place - Preferably you don´t smoke and have no pets. You would like to put your creativity and positive energy to make the house a better place for everyone - and with all the space we have, I encourage you to bring your ideas to furnish, unfurnish, decorate re-decorate the place to make it feel home for everyone and makes us all feel part of something nice ??? You are clean and tidy, but you are not a cleaning freak that cannot handle watching a lonely mug on the table every now and then ??. - mostly you are respectful and considerate with others and have common sense ?? - I highly respect your time alone and your door closed but if you are looking for a hotel-dynamic place or having a "hi, goodbye" treat each other, this is definitely not for you. I would like you to become actively part of creating a nice place where we enjoy spending time, where we can enjoy together and have friends over - always with care and respect. Drop a message if you are interested

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