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Looking for laidback and respectful roommate, who wants to have a healthy and communicative relationship between roomies! I’m happy as long as you pay your rent, and we can communicate our needs without problems. The rent is incl. internet, washing facilities, water and electricity. The room is currently furnitured, but it is possible to change out the furniture if wished - as long as you help with moving it! There is a big lounge area in the balcony and a large open kitchen and living room. There’s not much space for personal furniture in the common areas, but there’s space in the storage room for a few things that needs storage while you live here. I wish to keep a 3 month period where I can terminate the renting, if any comes between us. After those 3 months, you’ll be notified 1 months before you need to move out, so you have a chance in case the disaster strikes. About me: I’m a progressive and creative person who currently is figuring out his life. I spend my days mostly drawing, designing and playing games, unless I’m out and about socializing and hanging out with friends. I am extroverted, but still need my alone time, like anybody else! I am preferably looking for a guy, but a girl with the right chemistry for a fun and easy roommate relationship is also strongly considered so don’t hesitate to message me! Preferred move in: 15. August Nogciatable for the 1. September

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