Samsøgade 19, 2100 København
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6000 kr.
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Big brigth room on top floor, 4th

Hi roomseeker, I have a room coming aviable from the 1st of July. The apartment is a small cosy 2 room apartment, with a small kitchen and a medium sized toilet/shower. Washer and dryer on the stairs. I had several roommates living there during last 2 years and are used living with others for the past 7 years. Please write a little about yourself. If you are a gymfreek, gamer, streamer, instagramer, proffesional amartur chef or what ever, it will all be good with me. Also what you would be doing in Denmark would be nice indicate. I am very flexibel with the move in date and duration of the stay, and anything else just write me and we can talk about that. For yourself you will get a roommate who is working full time and has a few hobby projects. Anything from that I am lowkey spontaneous, and like to value time with friends and family, no matter if it is a small adventure, a workout, boardgames, a movie, F&B or whatever.

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6000 kr./månedKorsgade, København

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