Alliancevej, København
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6000 kr.
12500 kr. lån
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Big Room in a Nice Flat with Great View

Hi everyone! I'm Esteban, a 31yo Argentinian guy, came here in Cph for work. The apartment is situated in Sydavhn, it takes 17 minutes to the city centre by bike. This is a fency flat at the 6th and last floor, with an elevator. From the living room we have a wonderful view over the sea. Your room is the biggest of the flat, you have a changing room with drawers, a king size bed, a closet, a desk and an office chair. The apartment is equipped with dryer, washing machine and dishwasher. Nearby we have cafes, bars, restaurants, the national reserve and generally very much life. Mostly during the summer there is a plenty of people who come here to sunbathing or taking a bath. It's not far to anything. The rent is 6000kr and includes: Water, Netflix, Internet, PS4, Youtube. The deposit is 12500kr A little about ourselves We are 3 people: Me (31), Nicolas (36) and Grimalda (19). Me and Nicolas are a couple and we share a room. Grimalda is a Lithuanian girl who came here to study. We like to share social moments with our roommates, but of course we respect a door closed.

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