Linus Paulings Vej, København
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Private room with direct view of the canals

Hello, Maurice (29) and I, Niklas (29), are looking for a new roommate from mid August (its possible to move in from the 1st of August if preferred). Our current roommate, Kathi, is moving to Budapest for an exchange semester. Quickly about us. Both of us are originally from Germany (very happy if you were not). We like to be active, enjoy the sun when its out and engage in various sports. The wild party days are for the most part behind us, but we do enjoy some Gin&Tonic at home or out and about every now and then. We love food and cook quite a lot, mostly healthy (or healthy-ish) and a lot of it vegan, as Maurice is plant-based. I have a weakness for cheese and enjoy the very rare piece of fish or meat. Apart from keeping the apartment rather clean we don't have too many rules and its quite chill. We like to hang out as an apartment (and Maurice and I also do a lot of sports together) and do things, but also just as happy to have quiet evenings by ourselves. Its really however we all feel and oftentimes quite spontaneous. The room is about 11sqm, facing the waterfront and receives a lot of sunlight during the day. It can be taken over empty or furnished (subject to you and Kathi figuring that out) from August (1st or 16th) for an unlimited period of time. As you can see in the pictures there is a wardrobe installed already. In the apartment we have all amenities you would need and way too many kitchen appliances, so there is nothing to worry about. You should ideally be: - About our age. We are both done with our masters degree and would love for you to be in a similar position. Also we would be quite jealous if you were a student, though, to be fair, Kathi is a student and that has worked out just fine. - Sporty. That does not mean that you need to exercise with us all the time of course, but it would be very fun if youd join sometimes, whether thats for regular workouts, squash, bouldering, running,.. - Tidy. Nobody enjoys having to clean up after others. - Female. Living in plenty of shared apartments throughout our lives we found that having a mix is simply much nicer. - Be a non-smoker. If you think you might fit right in we would love to meet you, in person or virtually, and see how we get along. Cheers.

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