Strandlodsvej 21D, 2300 København
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5804 kr.
27709 kr. lån
Ledig pr.

Two girls looking for a roommate in a new. modern apartment on Amager

We are moving into a lovely 3 bedroom apartment on the 1st of March, and are looking for a 3rd roommate to join us. We are looking for a roommate who wants to live together, and also sometimes eat together, sometimes watch TV together, sometimes drink together :) We are looking for someone who is around our age range (25-35 ideally), who have finished their studies. If you want to apply, please write us a little about yourself, and answer the following questions: - How does a regular Saturday look like for you? - What is a thing that you're nerdy about? - Which TV character (from your favorite show) are you most alike? About us: Nana is 30 years old and working for a Danish IT company. She is into late night political satire shows, dry red wine and she’s intermediate at sarcasm (at best). She’s lived in several countries before coming to Copenhagen last October, currently actively working on maintaining her Vit D level at required levels. A regular Saturday for Nana is getting weekly groceries, doing laundry and catching up with her family back home. Oooooor, recovering from afterwork drinks that turned into a fullblown night out. She is nerdy about the brain, health and civil rights. She is most like Schmidt (minus the love of EDM) in her day-to-day and Issa on the weekends. Caroline is 27 years old, and is currently job hunting with all her might. She consumes too many podcasts for her own good, and is always watching some new true crime documentary. She's currently trying to become a yoga person (as well as an adult person). A regular Saturday for her is sometimes spent being productive (cleaning, shopping or working out) - but let’s be honest, most often it’s spent being hungover from the night before. As a good basic bitch, her nerdiness includes Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings - but additionally, she nerds out about American politics and any TV show she’s just binged. The TV character she’s most like is probably a mix of Leslie Knope from “Parks and Rec” and Eleanor from "The Good Place" Practical info: The apartment is part of the newly built area in between Lergravsparken and Øresund metro station (both are 6-700 m. from the apartment). We are blessed with great options for groceries, as Kvickly and Fakta are right next to us. The apartment is approx. 115 kvm, and the room you will be renting is about 12 kvm. The room has a door to a balcony, which is shared between you and Nana. The apartment has a dishwasher, combined washing machine/dryer, as well as a large balcony from the living room. We share the rent based on kvm, and your room is 5804 kr. monthly, plus costs for internet. The deposit is equal to 3 months rent, plus first and last month prepaid rent, coming out to a total of 27.709 kr. The room is free to move into from the 1st of March - you MUST be able to pay the deposit and prepaid rent by the 20th of february

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