Jægersborggade, København
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5000 kr.
10000 kr. lån
Ledig pr.

Room for rent at Jægersborggade, Nørrebro, for a responsible, self-sufficient, and very clean adult.

I am a 32-year-old woman seeking to rent out two rooms in my beautiful apartment on the popular social street Jægersborggade. I have already found a tenant for the one room, and am therefore seeking a person for the other. I am looking for an adult-renting dynamic, where I can rely on all tenants to stick to a common cleaning schedule and show goodwill and respect towards the other two tenants work schedules and routines. I am expecting you to be very comfortable and experienced in household cleaning. You are very responsible and respectful. You are looking for an adult apartment where your private routine will be respected, and not interfered with. You appreciate a calm and clean environment for studying or relaxing after work. You are comfortable with a certain degree of routine and responsibility to uphold a clean and functioning household dynamic between three adults. This is not the apartment for you if you are looking for a collective/college dynamic, or a youth apartment with a high social and friend-based lifestyle. It is not an apartment for someone starting a life living on his or her own, since I am expecting a bit more than basic household experience. I am looking for an adult minded tenant who, first and foremost, has a professional mindset for making the household run smoothly, freeing up energy for their own routines and life. This is the closest you will get, to the experience of living on your own, as an adult, without actually having to rent your own apartment. You will get to live in an apartment with a high priority of cleanliness and a high level of privacy and respect for your daily schedule.

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