Dieselvej, null København
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4500 kr.
13500 kr.
Ledig pr.

Nice room in new apartment in Teglholmen

I'm looking for a tenant for a 7m² room. The room is right at the entrance of the apartment with shared bathroom, combined kitchen/dining room close to and a living room upstairs with TV and couch (no photo yet). As you can see from the photo of your room, there is a shelf in the room but it can be moved out. Besides the shelf the room is rented as unfurnished. The apartment has internet, washer, dryer and a dishwasher. Water, heating, electricity and internet is included in the rent. The apartment is 134m² (gross) and is in two stories. It is close to Netto, Irma, multiple take-out kitchens and restaurants and a few street food locations. Bus line 14 and 34 has bus stops close to the apartment and the same goes for the water bus. The closest train station is Sydhavn St. and is only 1.6 km from the apartment. The closest shopping mall is Fisketorvet and is only 2.8 km from the apartment. I'm looking for a tenant who is non-smoking, clean, somewhat social and that respects a closed door. You're free to have guests over but actual parties are to held somewhere else. We will be sharing the responsibility of keeping the shared areas of the apartment clean. I work during the day hours as a programmer in central Copenhagen. I like to joke, have fun, enjoy life but also at the same time quite relaxed. I appreciate interesting conversations but also respects your need to have time for yourself. I kayak, swim (both for enjoyment and not sports), cooking with other people, programming, movies, series, books and more. Payment prior to moving in is DKK 22500 Deposit (3 months) 13500 Rent (1st month) 4500 Rent (last month) 4500 Write me if you'd like to know more and please also write something about you, where you work, what you study and what you're interests are.

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