Nørrebrogade, København
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4750 kr.
1500 kr. lån
Ledig pr.
0-3 måneder

Room for rent in Nørrebro for 1 month (22nd of April – 20th of May 2019)

Room for rent in Nørrebro for 1 MONTH (22nd of April – 20th of May 2019) in a cosy house We are looking for someone fun, social and trustworthy who can make us laugh on hangover Sundays. The room is fully furnished, about 14m2 and the rent is 4750kr and we will ask for a deposit of 1500kr. You would come to live with two amazing roommates; Fenne (25) is studying African Studies and Lisa (26) is studying Global Health and Nutrition who enjoy having dinners and beers together in the house but also need their Netflix time. You should like: - taking care of plants - Not leaving a mess - Having friends over for dinner - Writing messages on our bathroom walls - Popcorn If you are interested send a PM or e-mail to: telling us a bit about yourself and why you would be a match :)

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