Humlebækgade 29, 2200 København
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Cozy room in Nørrebro

Looking for a stable and orderly roommate for my apartment on the border between Nørrebro and Frederiksberg. The whole apartment is 114 square meters and I'm renting out one room of 13 sm, but with access to two shared living rooms. Smoking is not permitted inside. I'm a 31 year old Danish guy working as a PhD fellow in Copenhagen. I would say that I'm pretty down to earth and sociable, but I definitely also value privacy and me-time. I don't really have parties in the apartment, but I'll definitely hit the town once in a while. I enjoy reading, movies, computer games and travel. The apartment has a dishwasher, which makes cleaning easier, and I also prefer and expect that the kitchen and the apartment as a whole be kept clean. :) The apartment is in a large "andelsforening" with a spacious courtyard with bicycle parking and its own laundromat.

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Cozy room in the heart of Amager, CPH. Rent period of 3 months

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Cozy Room at Nørrebro (Short term)