Ravnsborggade, København
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4500 kr.
18000 kr. lån
Ledig pr.
3-12 måneder

Cozy room for rent from April 1st 2019

Im renting out a nice room at Ravnsborggade 17b, due to my roommate moving out on April 1st. The room is 11m2 and the rent will be 4500kr. plus expenses. The total of all rooms is 54kvm. The apartment is on Nørrebro, very close to the lakes and has a walking distance to both Nørreport- and Forum train station. Ravnsborggade is one of the nicest streets in Copenhagen (my personal favourite), with a lot of life, bars and cafés, and the apartment is on the 2nd row from the street so you will not be bothered by any noise at night time. The bathroom is a little small, but it takes very short time to get used to. The kitchen and living room are also very nice, and the space overall is really well utilized, so the apartment does not feel small. I am a 23 year old guy, who is working a couple of jobs while studying sales and marketing here in Copenhagen. In my spare time I like making music, hitting the gym and hanging out with my friends. I am looking for someone who likes to keep it clean and is not a messy person. I am not strict with the rules, and prefer that we will find a shared understanding of the house rules.

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