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We are looking for a new roommate since our old one is moving in with his girlfriend. You will be living with 3 other lovely young people. We all have jobs or educations to attend. We like to have fun, and spend a lot of time together, but we are also good at giving space to each other when it is needed. We are 2 girls and 1 guy at the moment. Who are we: Oscar: Im a 25 years old dane running my own company called Disco Planet. Disco Planet is hosting you guessed it…. disco events, and Im also using it for my DJing. When Im not working on Disco Planet, I go and play basketball with my team Copehagen Airballs. I like to make dumb jokes. Its not all of them my roommates likes, but I think Im funny as fuck. Im currently growing my hair long, and everyone is saying that it looks ugly, and I guess there is some truth to that at the moment, but I don’t care much, Im curious on how its gonna look. Warning: you will definitely hear me talking about my hair 24/7. Maria: Is 24 years old and is from Poland, and is the motor of our little family. She is an amazing chef and a very social person. She doesn’t like doing her taxes, but she will do anything for her roommates. She is part of Disco Planet, working at Bakken i Kødbyen and studies and yet she still finds time to be a lazy sloth. She is creative and is good at hyping up her roomies before going out, she is equally good at hyping you up, when you have to clean or when life just seems tough. Ania: Ania is….Ania. She is 24 years old and also from Poland, working with marketing in a hair product company, and studies management of creative business processes with Maria, but besides that she is actually really cool. She has great morales and is funny without thinking about it. She loves climbing, partying, drawing but cleaning is not her call in life. She is no doubt a sweetheart but at the same time she is not afraid to say her own opinion. The apartment is right next to Amager Fælled. You will therefore live next to the biggest park in Copenhagen, and very close to the city center at the same time. Its only 5 min on bike from the city center + Netto is literally on the other side of the road of our appartement. We only live 300m from the water, so if you like taking dips? This might just be the place for you. We are looking for someone who is social, responsible, likes partying and dont mind loud music once in a while. Oscar works as a DJ and my roommate works in the nightlife industry as well. So going out for events or listening to music or arranging events is a big part of our lifes. Even though we have fun and are partying, probably more than we should, we are always good at being responsible when it counts. We have tranning sessions together fairly often, and we also go and play basketball, volleyball or do other fun activities. You don’t have to be specifically interested in these activities, but we are definitely looking for someone who wanna be part of our little family and likes to have fun fun fun fun. Location: Islands Brygge/Axel Heides Gade (ground floor) Bonus: we have a little garden that is the best in the spring/summer! The room (room B) is 13 m2. Its unfurnished and but have 2 big closets that is stationary. The rent period is unlimited. The moving date is not set in stone yet. But preferably in the beginning of January. You can ofc have your cpr-adresse here, and there will ofc be written a contract before you move, with all the necessary details. Deposit: 16.553 Rent: 5.761,- includes (internet, heat, electricity, water and cool roommates) Disclaimer: The rent and deposit is calculated according to the size of your room. Write a little text about yourself and your situation, and we will get in contact with you, for a potential cup of coffee/tea. If you read the post all the way until the end. Then…. good job! You might be the one we are looking for (:

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