Kildevældsgade, København
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Renting out room in the paradise of Copenhagen!

Hi! :-) My name is Esther and since I'm going ti Australia for one semester (and a bit more) I'm renting my lovely room out (even though I wish I could bring it with me….) A little bit about the room and the apartment in generel: The room is not crazy big, but it has everything you need. It has a door to the entrance of the apartment, a door to the livingroom and a door to the big and amazing balcony. The bed is for 1,5 person and it's the BEST matress ever! I will empty the closets and some boxes beneath the bed, so you will have plenty of room for storage. When you rent the room you will of course have access to all the common areas and fascilities. That includes a well-equipped kitchen where there is a dining table and room for sitting, bathroom, big living room with both a dinner table, sofa and TV. Also you can enjoy the big balcony which has sun almost the whole day (when we have sun in DK haha). The building iffers a very big and beatiful garden, a pool area with two pools, barbeque area and sauna. There is also a fitness room, a bug laundry room and a basement for bikes. I actually call my place for the 'little paradise' since it has everything you need and even more than that. In summer time and spring my home turns into almost a little oasis in the middle of Copenhagen. The place is located 15-20 min biking from the center, 10 min. biking from Nørrebro (very cool area), 5 min walk from two trainsations, a bus right outside the door, close to supermarkets, cafes, restaurants, close to Fælledparken (famous park) and 10 min biking from the sea. Since the apartment is on Østerbro, the area is a bit quiet compared to the middle of the center. I love the fact that its a bit more calm, since I can get some peace but still be in the center within 15 min. If you will rent the room, you will be living with my best friend Katinka (you will not find a better human being in this word!!!) A little bit about Katinka: Hello. My name is Katinka and I’m a 22-year-old girl, born and raised in Copenhagen. I live in a wonderful apartment with my childhood-friend, who is going to study abroad for X months – which is why we’re looking for someone to come keep me company in the meantime. I currently take classes in physics, math and chemistry as preparation to start studying medicine next summer. I also have a part-time job as a helper for a 20-yo disabled girl. In my spare time I do a bit of outdoor activities such as rowing and bouldering. I also spend time with family, friends and my boyfriend. I’d prefer if you are – female – studying and/or between 20-26 yo – responsible and trustworthy – clean, hygienic, not messy – not allergic to dogs (as I sometimes take care of my friend's dog). A little bit about me: (even though I'm not the one who you're going to live with) I'm currently studying psychology at the University of Copenhagen, but since I'm very curious about other cultures and just in generel the whole world, I love to travel. That is also why I'm going away for a semester to Australia. I love dancing, seeing my friends and family and just enjoying life the fullest! My home is my safe place and I hope that the person is going to rent my room will enjoy my home as much as I do. What we're looking for in the person who is going to rent my room: As said my home is my safe space and I what I'm looking for in the person who is going to rent my room is that this person will enjoy and respect my home as it where their own. We're primarely looking for a girl between 20-26 years old who is/will be studying or working in Copenhagen for half a year. We expect the person to take part of the cleaning scedule which Katinka and I have made to make things easier, and just in generel keep the place neat and clean, since we both feel that a clean and neat home is a home where you can actually relax. The most important quality in the person who will rent my room is respect; both for the apartment and for Katinka (and of course Katinka will show respec for privacy and stuff like that as well!) If you're interesting to rent the room, then write a message where you tell us a bit about yourself, why you think this place is good for you and just whatever you want to tell us or ask us. Before we make the last decision we would love to do a facetime-call with you if you're not from Denmark or meet up if you are, just so we can kind of get the feeling of who you are, as well as you can get the feeling of who we are! We're looking forward to hear from you! Best regards Esther and Katinka

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