Tingvej 6, 2300 København
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8600 kr.
22300 kr. lån
Ledig pr.

Looking for a roommate for a beautiful shared flat on Amagebro

Rent is 8600 for a single person, 10400 for a couple (higher because common space is then shared between three rather than two people). Move in price is 29750 + first rent (of the 29750, 22300 is deposit, and rest is prepaid rent). If you move in, we become equal partners in a shared living space, so you will feel at home. It’s not like you are a guest and have to follow my rules. I’ve been living here for a year now and have furnished it to my liking, but everything is up for discussion. The apartment is furnished and kitchen equipped, and includes many utilities that you can use (vacuum cleaner, pans, glasses, cutlery, iron, projector for movies etc.). It is very quiet most of the time, and no one complains if you throw a little party, so perfect. Your room faces the inner backyard, so it's even more quiet. You can take over some furniture from my previous roommate (then deal with him about price etc.). Also while you can only register your CPR from 1.12. you could start moving in already from middle November, but we can talk this over if need be. The building has an elevator, backyard for parking a bicycle, Aldi, Netto and Lidl within 5 min walking, Amagebro station 5 min walking, two nice bakeries, etc. About me: I work as a quantitative developer in a bank. In my free time I do breakdance. I like reading and playing records. I am sociable but respect personal space. I don’t mind having people over or hosting a friend. Under the week I work 9-5 and am mostly away in the evening. I often travel on the weekend. I don’t cook at home often. I am an omnivore, but would be fine with not preparing/having meat at home. I speak Croatian, English, German fluently, some Italian. I shared living space with both men and women before, younger and older, never had any problems. If that sounds like a good fit, drop me a message with a short description of yourself and let's talk :) Best, Arian

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