Kenny Drews Vej, København
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Game Developer looking to share a spacious apartment right above the canals of Sluseholmen

Hey there home seeker, I am George, a game designer by trade, currently looking for a new roommate to share my apartment, located above the canals of the up and coming neighborhood of Sluseholmen. The apartment consists of a large sunlit living room, and 2 bedrooms on each side, each room comes with a tiny balcony, but there is a normal sized balcony next to the living room. It is 92 square meters, and its current total rent comes at 14.750kr, which we can either split down the middle, but we can easily round it down to your favor in case my income is higher. I used to share the apartment with my old teammate and her boyfriend, but after our last project was finished, they had to move back to France having found new work there. As for myself, I am a Greek expat, 37 male and single with a background in Arts and Design. I am mostly focused on my passion projects and work, and when I am not designing / coding or making art for games, you will find me playing them at night, or nerdily watching films and talking about filmmaking in general. Sometimes I engage with the occasional date to break the monotony, as well as the occasional electronic music party with my besties when the music and the circumstances are good. I am very relaxed when it comes to house rules from my end, mainly caring about basic maintenance, but not much else, you can be whoever and whatever you like. While I was lucky enough so far to hold a job that allowed me to keep this place on my own for a bit, I have to start saving some money for my personal projects before my hair starts turning white, and a housemate with an inner flame that can relate to this cause would be ideal :) My best case for a housemate, would be that you too have a passion for something and that you go after it, in the hopes that the good energy can brush off on me as well, and in that regard I can even try to be supportive and share my experiences and thoughts if you ever need to. If the picture I am painting sounds interesting, throw me a message here (or at the following social media) telling me a bit about yourself, and let's arrange a visit / meeting. PS : I intent to reply to all messages so no worries about that, but due to prioritization between this and work/life balance sometimes it might take a day or two. Sorry in advance.

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