Ørestads Boulevard 54, 2300 København
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5800 kr.
12000 kr. lån
Ledig pr.

shared apartment in Amager

Hi all, Me and my friend Maros are renting an apartment at Ørestads Boulevard, situated right between Bella Center st. and Ørestad and we are searching for a third person (NO COUPLES) to share the appartement with. We are working full time and we are searching for a person that would like to share a daily experience during the after work (or school) evening with a glass of wine or a beer. Since we are young guys we like to party on the weekends but basically outside the apartment so you don't need to worry about the noise but you are more than welcome to join us on a party somewhere in the city center. It is also very fine to just sit and watch a movie or favourite series together. We also understand that everybody needs some privacy and will of course respect that and expect the same vice-versa. We like to do sports (I prefer football, Maros ice-hockey) but we are opened to any sport from volleyball to bowling. The appartement consist of 3 bedrooms so you will have your own room. CPR is certainty. All you need is to be friendly, tidy, sociable and respectful person, pick your pc or phone and answer to this announcement! :-) We are looking forward to hear from you. Jakub & Maros

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